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Advice for getting a good grade in your A Level Exams

Above in the main menu are some great links for each subject to get your GCSE revision sorted.


If you would like to really know what your examiners are looking for then it can be useful to look through your exam boards websites which are listed off the side menu some of these include past papers which can be a real help to look through.

More great A Level Exam Revision Links & Resources

S-Cool Revision Tips

Buster Tests Prepare For Revision

BBC One Life Revision Planner

BBC One Life Revsion Tips


Bitesize GCSE

S-Cool Revision


The Revision Centre

The Memory Page

Improve Your Thinking Skills

Revision Check List


  • Look through the links above to get advice on revision and memory technique and use the main top menu link on this site to access free learning pages for each subject.
  • Check the exam board websites on the side of this page to see if you can find and print off past papers (alternatively ask at school to see if your teachers can provide any.
  • Revision guide books can be really helpfull such as Letts Revision guides.
  • Use sites like Bitesize and S-Cool Revision to work through subjects topic by topic.
  • Make Notes and compact these down more and more until you can remember what you need from a keyword or two.
  • Organise your time and don't panic.
  • Get lots of sleep, eat well and drink lots of water to keep your brain juiced up.
  • Get help from brothers and sisters and your parents.
  • If you are struggling try and approach your teachers for help and advice.
  • Work through the links on this site.
  • Take Lots of Breaks but keep coming back to it set yourself a learning schedule for each night.
  • Enjoy learning and improving your learning style. Learning Should be fun, not a chore.
  • Revise with friends and swap the notes and test each other.
  • If you really dont get a particular topic, then try searching on the web for revision notes on it.
  • Don't let your attitude beat you, you can succeed and do well if you set your mind to it.
  • Remember you are not just learning to pass exams you are learning for life. The more you use your brain the stronger and quicker it gets.
  • Use Positive visualisation, see yourself in a confident and happy position in the future and use that image to drive you towards success now.
  • Remember success comes from hard work and dedication. Most of the apparently clever people in this world have worked hard to get there. However remember that with the right attitude hard work can actualy be seen as a challenge!
  • Don't panic if you get an answer wrong, use this as a means to work out how to get the right answer. On Bitesize and S-Cool this is very simple as they give you revision sections so you can relearn and test yourself again.
  • Rise to the challenge If you can do this now, think what you can achieve in the future. An investment of your time and attitude now could change your whole future.
  • Don't get D's and F's. You are capable of A's B's and C's if you set your mind to it!